Getting Married? How About an Adventure Honeymoon?

The couple that goes on adventures together, stays together. Well, that’s the plan anyway. And Forbes Traveler has a new list of Adventure Honeymoons guaranteed to insure wedded bliss.

If jetting off to Hawaii or Niagara Falls for your post-wedding vacation sounds a bit too pedestrian, than perhaps a safari in Kenya would be more your speed. The one recommended here, from Abercrombie & Kent, provides luxury tent camping with a view of “the Mara River and resident hippopotamus pods”, and includes laundry service and daily coffee delivered to your door.

For a more active honeymoon, try trekking through Bhutan, where the altitude will surely keep you giddy with happiness. The trip is highlighted with a journey up to the Taktsang Monastery, a famous and often photographed building dating back to the 7th Century.

To truly get away from it all, how about a camel camping in India. This one has adventurous honeymooners off to the Rajasthan Desert, where they’ll spend the day visiting local villages, while nights will be spent under the stars in the cool desert in a luxury camp that includes a heated swimming pool.

There are plenty of other suggestions, and of course most cost an arm and a leg. The solution to that is get married at the courthouse, have your wedding dinner at Pizza Hut, then jump a plane to a remote location. What could be more romantic than that?

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Getting Married? How About an Adventure Honeymoon?”

  1. Or do like Ian Edmond and Nora Audra did. Get married in Brazil a few days before the AR World Championships and then race to a 3rd place finish for you honeymoon.

  2. I like the way you guys think! 🙂 These are great options as well.

    Juniper: I guess they stick to the adage of “the couple that races together stays together” or “the couple that suffers together, stays together!” 🙂

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