Himalaya Update: Photos From Ama Dablam

Wednesday brings us another update from ExWeb on all the happenings in the Himalaya, with photos from the summit of Ama Dablam, news of a thwarted attempt on Kang Guru and trouble on Pumori as well.

The combined team of the Altitude Junkies and Project Himalaya made a summit push on Kang Guru on Monday, but were ultimately pushed back due to high winds and inclement weather. The latest updates had the team in C3 after a rough climb up from C2 on Monday, with the plan to set out at midnight for the top of the mountain. The 12 members of the team (6 climbers, 5 Sherpas, and guide leader Phil Crampton) were forced back to base camp yesterday however, as the beautiful weather window they were experiencing quickly closed, and snow hit the area for the first time. They’re not done just yet though, and they are prepared to wait for another window to open soon.

Teams on Ama Dablam were much luckier, having completed their climb successfully and are now packing up to go home. Adventure Consultants posted a story today with some photos and news that they are preparing to leave BC in tomorrow. The image with this post is of one of my favorite “camping sites” on Ama Dablam. That’s Camp 2 on the montain. Mean while the AlpenGlow team is already hiking down the Khumbu and are reportedly in Namche Bazaar.

Finally, we have bad news from Pumori where French and Nepali climbers have fallen. The two are still alive, but in critical condition, and it is being reported that the French climber, Corinne Favre, suffered a number of fractures and pulmonary issues. ExWeb says she was unconscious when the rescue helicopter arrived yesterday, and is said to be resting in a Kathmandu hospital today. There is no word on her Sherpa guide as of yet. Apparently the two were climbing the mountain on Sunday when a large serac gave way and swept them down the mountain. They were later found by other climbers at 5700m and helped down to Gorak Shep for treatment.

Pumori is legendary for it’s deadly avalanches. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the mountain doesn’t claim two more victims.

Kraig Becker

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