Jon Bowermaster Profile and Audio Interview

Men’s Vogue magazine has posted a great profile of Jon Bowermaster and his Ocean’s 8 Project, in which he traveled the world, taking a survey of the health of its waterways.

Over the course of 10 years, Jon visited a variety of places, including the Aleutian Islands, Tasmania, and Vietnam, the focus of his latest book Descending The Dragon, which I reviewed here. Last year he completed the Ocean’s 8 Project by exploring the coast of Antarctica by kayaking, and witnessing first hand the effects of global climate change on the continent.

Not content to just make it into the pages of Men’s Vogue, Jon is also interviewed on the weekly podcast from Scientific American. In the interview, Jon talks about using kayaks to explore the environments he visits, and shares stories of some of the far flung places he has explored. He also discusses the changes he’s seen to Antarctica since he first visited the place back in 1989, and the effects those changes have had on life there, namely the penguins. He goes on to share his thoughts on tourism on the frozen continent, what you eat when paddling the freezing waters that surround it, and much more.

Jon is in crunch time, and sets off at the end of the month for another Antarctic expedition. Hopefully we’ll hear more about this journey in the weeks ahead as well.

Kraig Becker

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