More Great Gear From 2008

PACKS nimble3500 2007
The staff over at has put together their favorite new gear from 2008, giving some impressions in the process, with some really nice items making the list.

Some of the gear that left a favorable impression on the team include the Outdoor Research Elixir Jacket, which earns kudos for it’s “ultralight and minimalist” design that is both waterproof and comfortable to wear at the same time. The MSR Reactor camp stove makes the list, and is sure to be on plenty of others, for it’s high performance, quick cooking times, and nearly unmatched portability, and the Kelty Nimble is the backpack of choice for the GearOutdoors crew, who liked it’s simplicity and lightweight, yet still rugged design.

Lots of great gear on the list, and I like the impressions a lot. Sometimes you get these lists and only get a line or two of information, but these impressions are nice, and helpful, with real world use to back them up. While they are not full blown reviews, they do give enough information to help you understand why the item earns high marks.

Kraig Becker

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