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The Outdoorzy Blog over at Outdoorzy.com has been running a cool series of reviews this week on outdoor adventure watches. So far, they’ve reviewed the Tech40 Traileader 1, the Sunnto Core, and today’s entry takes a look at the Timex Expedition Adventure Tech.

These are the kind of high tech objects of desire that appeal to the outdoor enthusiast who has a love of gadgets as well. These watches not only tell time, but also incorporated a digital compass, barometer, thermometer, altimeter, and more. Not only do they look good, but all of that great tech is very useful on the trail for keeping an eye on the weather, staying on course, and maintaining your pace.

I personally found the review of the Sunnto Core to be very useful. I’ve been eyeing that model for some time, and getting some insights on how accurate and useful it is was quite nice before pulling the trigger on a $250 purchase.

I have an older watch with similar features, but it doesn’t automatically take readings for altitude, and it has to be updated every few days with the barometric pressure or altitude in order to remain accurate. That’s not such a big deal when you have access to a reliable weather report, but it is when you are out in the field.

Remember, Christmas is now less than 2 months away, and any one of these would make a great gift for your favorite outdoor adventurer. (Seriously. I’ll take the Core! Santa? Are you listening?)

Kraig Becker

13 thoughts on “Outdoorzy Reviews Adventure Watches”

  1. “it has to be updated every few days with the barometric pressure or altitude in order to remain accurate.”

    This is still true for the Core. That review doesn’t seem to understand that an altimeter and barometer are the exact same thing that just reads in different units. The Core is really just one of their old altimeter watches with a new case. The Storm feature is a joke since it only works if the watch stays in the same place for 24 hours and tells you nothing more than any other altimeter/barometer. Can’t say that my Core is an improvement over two earlier Suuntos I’ve owned and it seems to go through batteries faster.

  2. Oh! Interesting. Thanks for the input Clyde. I was under the impression that the Core had some new technology in it that didn’t require the calibration to stay accurate. If that’s not true, than it’s probably not a huge improvement over my existing watch, except that it looks prettier. Very much appreciate the insights.

  3. Nike tried to do that with one of their altimeter watches a while ago. I have one. Didn’t work as advertised. But I keep it because it’s still the best form factor of any altimeter on the market.

  4. I have a Nike watch that I wear for running and other activities. I really like it as as well, and it does have a great design to it. My altimeter watch could learn a thing or two from their designs.

  5. I only like the Suunto watches as they show m/hour vertical gain which is a very useful tool to guage how quickly you are ascending or descending. Otherwise I think the alarm and light is weak. I prefer Casio.

  6. Hi Clyde. Thanks for the input. I wrote that review and hadn’t used Suuntos too much prior to it.

    I had mentioned in the review that keeping the barometer accurate is key to keeping the altimeter accurate. But I obviously didn’t relay how those two are related as far as technology.

    I wore all these watches we reviewed over the last few months, and the Suunto was my favorite. I owned a Casio altimeter watch a few years ago and liked it as well. I think there are quite a few similarities between all these watches today, but the subtleties are what set them apart. Timex is supposedly coming out with several new altimeter watch styles in 09.

    If anyone has any questions about any of the watches I reviewed feel free to get in touch.


  7. The reason you update it is to ensure accuracy. The Core has many new/update/improved features over the old Vector. Check out the website for the info. I think the Core is the best LOOKING one out there even if the features from watch to watch are similar

  8. I definitely agree with that. I think the Core looks the best as well. Nice watch, and I’m still contemplating picking up a new one soon. Just not sure if it’ll be the Core or not.

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