Photos From the Annapurna Circuit

The Annapurna Circuit is considered to be one of the true classics for backpackers around the globe. At more than 300km (186 miles) in length, and reaching heights of 5500m (18,044 feet), it can be quite a challenge. But those who make the journey are treated to some of the most amazing views on the planet, as the snow capped peaks of the HImalaya surround the region. has posted some great photos from the trek that really capture the spirit of the place. Some of the photos are of the great scenery, while others give us a glimpse of the culture of Nepal.

The bottom of the page also has some logistical information about the trek should you be planning your own adventure there. This hike generally lasts about 16 days, plus a couple of days at the beginning of your trip to handle the permit process, and travel from Kathmandu to the Annapurna region. Another travel day back to Kathmandu at the end means you can probably expect to have around 20 days total time invested. It’s also interesting that it’s gotten to the point that you no longer need to carry any camping gear, other than a sleeping bag. Villages are spaced out about every hour or so along the trail, and it’s relatively easy to find accommodations each night.

So, anyone want to join me on a little stroll through the mountains in Nepal? It looks simply amazing, and at the end of the day, we can commiserate about our sore feet over a few drinks in a traditional tea house. Sounds like total bliss to me!

Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “Photos From the Annapurna Circuit”

  1. Namaste’ Craig this is an incredible site to see. I agree it would be heaven to do this. I am lucky I live in a great country in the middle of the wilderness with so much wildlife right out my back door, and even have monks travel to my home here in the woods hahaha. Hard to get away as far as Nepal when your a steward of wolves. But I really enjoyed and drooled over this post. Metta Skylar

  2. It sounds like you live in an amazing place Metta. Visiting these other amazing places will make you appreciate it all the more when you return home. 😉

  3. The Circuit sounds like the place to be. I didn’t realize there was a actual “round trip”. It’s gonna be on my list of places to do as soon as I retire in a couple of years


  4. Sounds like a perfect retirement plan. Quit work, hit the trail, and get away from everything for awhile. Walk slow and take in all the tea houses along the route. 😉

  5. Hell yeah! Those pictures make you want go right away!
    I would love to go their one day.

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