Top 10 Adventures For 2009

I’m sure we’ll continue to see more of these “Top 10” (or more) lists as the year grinds to an end. Today I’ve got another one from the Times Online, that lists the Top 10 Off-The-Beaten-Track Adventures for 2009.

The article attempts to recommend some adventures that may not be on the radar of general adventure travelers just yet. The author notes that the Inca Trail and the jungle highlands of Northern Thailand were once little-known adventure locations, but now have become over run (relatively speaking) with travelers. The locations named in this piece remain off the radar, for now.

Making the list are The Corn Islands, found 40 miles off the coast of Nicaragua. The beaches are said to be unspoiled and almost completely undeveloped, offering a pristine setting for the sand and surf set. The diving and snorkeling are said to be especially great, with visibilities of up to 100 feet beneath the surface. And if you want to explore the jungle, head to the mainland for a plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Prefer a challenging climb over a dip in the ocean? How about conquering an 18,600 foot peak in Iran instead? The Times Online says that the country is incredibly welcoming and friendly, despite it’s government’s testy relationship with the West, and a few travelers are discovering it’s a bit of a hidden gem. They recommend a challenging trek up Mt. Damavand, the tallest mountain in the Middle East, which offers amazing views, hikes through dense forests, and the opportunity to spot soaring eagles.

How about an alternative to the Inca Trail? Give the Moonstone Trek a shot. There are no limitations on who can hike this one, as few foreigners ever give it a go, but the article says that it’s more challenging, offers better views, and treks to higher altitudes than the Inca, while still offering opportunities to experience the history of the region.

There are seven other great suggestions for adventure travel as well, and surely something that will spark your imagination and inspire you to head out on an adventure in the new year.

Kraig Becker

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