Top 10 Snowboarding Resorts

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British Snowboarding champ Chris Moran has compiled his list of the best places to carve up the mountain, just in time for the snow to start flying. The Guardian has all the complete Top 10 list online so you can start planning your winter escape now.

Tops on the list is Whistler in British Columbia, which has long been a favorite amongst snowboarders. It is lauded for the fact that it’s continually updating the options for things to do, has great, freshly groomed snow, and plenty of good runs. This year they’re even adding a peak-to-peak gondola.

Iconic European ski resort Chamonix, France is third on Moran’s favorites list. He says that while the facilities are a bit outdated compared to others in the region, the mountains are amongst the most beautiful you’ll see anywhere, and the town parties like no other. A perfect mixture for the snowboarding crowd.

Other places that make the top ten include Mammoth, in California, taking the 4th spot, and Niseko, Japan which sneaks in at number 10. For the rest of the list, you’ll have to check it out yourself, but it’s a nice mixture of North American and European hotspots, most of which are either open now or will be very soon.

So, get out your board. Put on a fresh coat of wax. Book an airline ticket, and prepare to catch some big air.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Of this list, I've only been to Whistler. Big Sky, Montana is awesome though, I wonder why it didn't make the list – it is some of the best skiing out West I've tried. I'm pretty sure they allow snowboarding too… I think Alta is the only place in the U.S that doesn't?

    – James from PHNX Boards

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