Top Travel Gadgets

Travel website Gadling has put together a list of their favorite travel gear items for 2008, with a few surprising gadgets and other times making the list.

We all know that those long 12+ hour flights can be tough, but modern technology has made them a bit easier to take, and long layovers are breeze when you can stay connected to friends and family back home. Some of the gizmos on Gadling’s list do just that, like the Blackberry Curve, which gets high marks for it’s abilities to place calls using a WiFi connection anywhere in the world. They were also impressed with the Boingo service, which provides that WiFi access on over 103,000 hotspots around the world.

Other high tech toys that make the list include Lenovo’s Ideapad S10, an ultra-portable laptop that’s perfect for frequent travelers who want to stay connected on the go. The laptop runs just $399 and weighs a mere 2.65 pound. Couple it with a set of Creative Labs Aurvana X-Fi noise canceling headphones, and you have quite a nice media center as well.

There are plenty more great items on the list, which is a great guide for holiday shopping for your favorite traveler. For instance, the Quantum Jacket from ScottE looks like the perfect choice for active travelers, and the Checkpoint Flyer from Tom Bihn will help speed them through those pesky TSA stations in no time at all, with all of their gear safely stowed.

Hmm… I hope Santa has this link. Plenty of stuff on there that I would like! 😉

Kraig Becker

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