Word Adventure Racing Championship Underway in Brazil

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The Adventure Racing World Championship is underway at the Ecomotion race in Brazil. The event kicked off two days ago, and is expected to run through the 9th of this month, as the top teams have assembled from around the globe to stake their claim as the World Champs.

The Ecomotion website is a bit tough to glean any info from, unless you speak Portuguese, but the rankings on the front page make it pretty clear how the best teams are doing. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to find Team Nike at the top of the list, as usual, with Wilsa-Helly Hansen, from France, in second place, and the Kiwi’s of OrionHealth.com in third. Team Sole, of the USA is holding down the fourth spot, while Motorola SOS Mata Atlântica is a bit further back in fifth.

Tracking is once again provide by SPOT, who have quickly become the standard for which all other adventure racing leaderboards are compared. You should have no trouble tracking where each of the 60 teams is on the course, as they race across the 520km (324 mile) course.

I’ll try to keep my eyes on the race to see how things develop, and if anyone can find an English version of the Ecomotion website, please send the link my way.

Kraig Becker

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