The 10 Best Ski Hostels in the World

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Another good travel article from the Times Online today, this time it’s the Worlds 10 Best Ski Hostels, which aims to give us some great places to go, on the cheap, for a ski holiday this year.

The list was compiled by the budget conscious website, who rated the locations on a host of categories, with affordability being the dominant criteria. These hostels range in price from £8-£48 a night, which works out to about $12-$72. Credit crunch or not, that’s a great deal for some outstanding places to hit the slopes.

Some of the places to make the cut include Cube Savognin in Switzerland, which comes highly recommended for it’s location (just 50 meters from the cable car), and it’s bar that serves up drinks and snacks 24 hours a day. Prices start at £36 ($54) and include a one day lift pass for Savognin per booked night.

The rest of list is populated with similar deals from hostels dotting the world. There are recommendations for Poland, Austria, Japan, and more. They even found a budget recommendation in Breckenridge here in the States, giving the nod to the Fireside Innfor it’s proximity to stores and restaurants, 10 minute walk to the slopes, and £20 ($30) per night price tag.

This list is proof positive you can still have a good time without spending too much money, so don’t put off those travel plans just because the global economy is in the dumper. Think of the poor snow bunnies!

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “The 10 Best Ski Hostels in the World”

  1. Definitely. The prices certainly are great and the hostels look like they have a lot of character to them as well.

  2. i can really recommend the Euro-Youth-Hostel in Bad Gastein, Austria (ranked #2 in the Times article). Stayed there numerous times myself, its awesome. Great bang for the buck, skiing is awesome and nightlife in town is great.

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