American Alpine Journal Launches The Alpine Briefs

The American Alpine Journal has launched a new publication called The Alpine Briefs. This new bi-monthly newsletter is aimed at “AAJ contributors, AAC members, and anybody else interested in the world of alpine climbing.” Yep, I’d say we fall somewhere into those categories!

Checking out the newly launched website, you’ll find some interesting stuff already in place. The “500 Words” department looks like it’s going to be a great resource for short news articles from the mountaineering world, while the “Near” and “Far” columns will focus on climbing reports from around the U.S. and abroad respectively. “The Alpine Life” will be a series of essays on mountaineering, sure to hold some great stories from the mountains, and the aptly named “Inspirations” seems to need no explanation. It’s current story reports on the heroes of K2. Finally, the “Gems” category will reprint classic articles from the AAJ’s past issues. The current articles are also accompanied by some nice photographs as well.

With the demise of The Alpinist, the mountaineering world lost a great resource to chronicle the tales of the amazing climbs that are taking place all over the globe on a weekly basis. The AAJ looks like it’s hoping to fill the void with the Briefs. While it’s just now getting underway, I expect that in time, the content will fill in nicely and this will become a great resource for climbers, mountaineers, and armchair enthusiasts alike. If you’d like to help contribute to this new endeavor, just head over to the submissions page to find out what you need to do.

Thanks to Dougald MacDonald’s Mountain World Blog for the tip!

Kraig Becker

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  1. That’s some good news! If anybody can help fill a void, it would be them! I wish them well on this project and will have to go check them out. Thanks for the good word, Kraig.


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