Beginner’s Guide To Winter Camping

Now that winter is officially upon us, and we’ve all come to the sad realization that we’re going to have to deal with it for the next three months (Except me! It’s 70º in Austin today! Ha!), our minds start to turn towards all the fun things we can do out in the snow. Of course, we can always go skiing or snowboarding. Snowshoeing offers a great workout and a nice way to spend a winter day. Or better yet, how about going winter camping, which can be just as rewarding as during the warmer months, provided you have the right gear.

The fine folks over at Backpacker Magazine have put together a nice Beginners Guide to Winter Camping for their “The Pulse” Blog that’s sure to have you ready to head out to experience the cold, but eerily quiet winter nights for yourself.

The guide is broken down into sections with easy to follow checklists on things that you should be aware of before you do any cold weather camping. For instance, the section on “Preparation” suggests that for your first destination you choose some place that’s not too far off the beaten path in case you decide to make a hasty retreat in the night. Also, select a spot with plenty of readily available firewood as well.

Other sections include “On Your Hike”, which offers tips on what to expect while you hike to your destination, while the one labled “At Camp” has great ideas on stay warm once you reach your campsite. Of course, the one we’re all most interested in is the “Gear” section, which has plenty of ideas on what kind of stuff you should be bringing with you. If nothing else, you’ll have good excuses to go to REI to pick up some new gear with all those gift cards you got for Christmas right?

All in all, this blog post is very informative and helpful for anyone who is considering taking up winter camping, and might even offer some helpful tips for the more experienced campers as well. Definitely worth a read.

The awesome photo that accompanies this post is from Jack Brauer (That’s Brauer!!) and you can see more of his shots by clicking here.

Kraig Becker

9 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide To Winter Camping”

  1. Good article, but growing up in Russia and winter camping a lot, I could add a couple things.Your pad should be insulated (rei’s or therma-rest are fine), instead stove , try a pot-multiple tool, use it for melting snow,cooking or digging snow caves.Prepare ( and cover) wood for the morning to warm up.

  2. Glad you like the blog, and I do post all the time.

    And I agree with you, those photos are amazing!

  3. its always a good idea to read the reviews about a campgrounds before to visit it and also the weather forecast, so no one get in to difficulty and i will ask this as the traveling guide tip. as i always do this and read the rv travel guides and weather forecast before starting my rv motor home.

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