Chris Sharma Puts Up Another 5.15b?

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Seems like Chris Sharma just can’t avoid going after the tough problems. Earlier this year he put up a new route on The Monastery on Clark Mountain in California called Jumbo Love that was rated at a 5.15b difficulty, and has been called the toughest climb in the world by some. Earlier this week, he may have done an even tougher one!

Climbing in Siurana, Spain, Sharma added a “brutal” approach to Estado Critico, an existing 5.14c/d, making a first ascent on the route that adds more length and challenge. Sharma calls the new route Golpe de Estado and has been a bit reluctant to grade it so far, but others have estimated it to be another 5.15b difficulty.

You can read more about it over at the Big UP blog, where they also have a video of Chris working the route earlier this year. Good stuff.

Thanks to Rock and Ice and ClimbingNarc.

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  1. This guy is absolutely insane. I love his youtube videos. He always, however, sounds like he is passing a kidney stone. Hehe.

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