Dispatches From Antarctica and an Update on the Ushuaia

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If you haven’t been reading Jon Bowermaster’s wonderful updates from the Antarctic, you really should be. The explorer/writer is back in Antarctica for a two month expedition to once again assess the health of the ice pack and the impact of global climate change on the region.

The dispatches are coming nearly daily, and are usually accompanied with some great photos. The topics vary nicely, some days we get insights on different regions of the Antarctic Peninsula, such as this one on Sharp Peak, and this one on an area called The Lemaire, a narrow strait bordered by sharp, snow capped peaks. Other dispatches are educational and philosophical in nature, with discussions on “Who Owns Antarctica?” or the impact of fishing on the waters surrounding the continent. I especially found this entry interesting as it talks about Jon’s experience in the Antarctic over the past 20 years.

Two days ago, the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators released another update on the MV Ushuaia, the cruise ship that ran aground back on December 4th, striking some rocks, and damaging it’s hull in the process. According to the latest report, the ship struck out across the Drake Passage, making it’s way under it’s own power, and should now be in dry dock in Punta Arenas, where it’ll undergo repairs. While sailing for home, there was no observation of fuel leaks, and it is now believed that the ship will be back in service as early as Dec. 28th and no later than Jan. 7th.

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