Exploring Baja with National Geographic Maps

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I recently got my hands on a set of National Geographic Maps for both the Baja California and Baja California Sur, and as you would expect from Nat. Geo., the level of quality is outstanding, with lots of nice details and useful features.

These two maps are part of the Adventure Map line from NG, and come printed on high quality, water-proof and tear resistant paper. The full color maps offer a wealth of information, including topographical info with shaded relief, well marked roads, ferry routes, and more. You’ll also find the locations of points of interest such as national parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the best spots to go surfing, kayaking, diving, whale watching and so on. These handy maps even tell you where to find fuel, distinguishing between gas and diesel.

When combined, these two maps cover the entire Baja peninsula, and are perfect for planning your adventure in the region. They even include nicely detailed city maps for places like Ensenada, Mexicali, La Paz, Tijuana, and more for when you have to head back to civilization to grab some grub and a bottle of tequila. Each of them are individually priced at $11.95 or you can buy them as a bundle for $19.95.

I recently confessed my love of maps here on the blog, and these adventure maps from Geo don’t disappoint at all. From the moment you unfold them, you are struck by just how high quality they are. The material that they are printed on feels great in your hands, and you never feel like they are going to fall apart while you’re using them. The fact that they are waterproof means that you don’t have to worry about spilling something on them or stowing them in your kayak when you’re paddling some of the amazing waters off of the peninsula, and once you familiarize yourself with the layout, you begin to see the wealth of data that is at your fingertips.

Anyone planning an adventurous trip south of the border would do well to add these maps to your pack. They’ll be an excellent aid in planning the trip ahead of time, and prove invaluable while in the region as well. And National Geographic has other great maps in their adventure line as well, with locations such as Costa Rica, Panama, Everest Base Camp, the Annapurna Circuit, and more. Excellent stuff and perfect stocking stuffers for the adventurer in your life.

Kraig Becker

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