The Gear Junkie’s Best of 2008! (No Price Limit Edition!)

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Yesterday we got the Gear Junkie’s Top Ten Gear for 2008 under $30, and today he gives us his Top Ten Gear for 2008 with no qualifiers.

As you would expect, there is some great stuff on the list, and while many of the prices still exceed yesterday’s limit, few of the items on here are actually going to break the bank. Hot items include the Jetboil Helios cooking system, which has been all the rage with testers since it came out earlier in the year. REI’s Shuksan and Kulshan Jackets also get a mention. They’re the new rain gear that uses the eVent technology to keep us warm and dry. The SPOT Messenger makes the Top Ten as well, which should be no surprise to anyone considering the amount of praise it has gotten in the press this year as well.

The rest of the gear is equally high caliber, and includes shoes, water bottles, cycling lights, base layers and more. Everything on the list comes highly regarded, not just from the GJ, but from everything else I’ve read as well, and I would expect other “end of the year” lists to have many of these items on them as well. Now we just have to find a way to get all of this stuff into our gear closets.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “The Gear Junkie’s Best of 2008! (No Price Limit Edition!)”

  1. those are sweet products that you can find at check out the site. and come into the store located in beautiful moscow idaho.

  2. i have to say i’ve yet to actually be impressed with the SPOT. it’s great in theory. and if you don’t get out and use it in the backcountry then it’s easy to praise. karl had one on appalachian trail at all times. we had to put it out at least an hour before we left so that it had a chance to find satellites.

    it’s good – certainly not great.

  3. Hmm… that wasn’t my experience at all with the SPOT while at Primal Quest last year, and I’m sure that the Gear Junkie has tested his stuff in the field. But if you’re under a heavy canopy of trees, it can be difficult to get a signal on any device looking to contact a satellite, such as a GPS.

    Is it possible you had a defective unit? The 60+ units we had at PQ connected in minutes at most.

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