Good Things Going On Over At Wend

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Fans of Wend Magazine probably have already noticed, but for those that haven’t swung by their website in awhile, be sure to check out the fresh coat of paint they’ve put on the front page. The updates aren’t just cosmetic though, as there is a host of new content that offers up some great adventure news and stories.

As always, the Wend Blog is in place offering daily stories on the outdoors and living a healthier, more “green” lifestyle. But you’ll also find the new iWend section that allows readers to share their own stories of adventure as well as an interactive trip planner to aid in the search for your next getaway.

Perhaps the most exciting new element however is the Digital Story Project which features podcasts from some amazing adventurers sharing their story. Right now you’ll find audio file from the likes of Kyle Dickman, who had a harrowing kayaking experience in Papua New Guinea and Karl Busby who continues his Goliath Expedition around the world. The Digital Story Project promises to offer some great content going forward delivering compelling stories with audio. These podcast things just might catch on.

Oh yeah! And they also publish a magazine!

Kraig Becker

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