HImalaya and Karakorum Updates: Christmas Eve In BC

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All the teams are in place, save one, to begin their winter climbs in the Himalaya and Karakorum. According to ExWeb, Simone Moro and Denis Urubko will celebrate Christmas in Italy, at Simone’s home, before heading off to Makalu in the next few days. At least they’ll have one more good meal and a warm bed.

That won’t be the case for Don Bowie, Artur Hajzer, and Robert Szymczak, who have now arrived in base camp on Broad Peak. Apparently the team was shuttled to BC yesterday and have already established their home for the next few weeks while they acclimatize and scout the mountain.

We’re getting similar stories from the Polish Team on Nanga Parbat and the Czech Team on Manaslu as well. Both of them are in their respective base camps as well. The Polish Team is dealing with bitterly cold temperatures, not uncommon on these high altitude winter climbs, while the Czechs have been forced back to BC thanks to bad weather conditions. They’ve already established their C1 and are in the process of fixing lines to C2.

Stay warm boys. Merry Christmas!!

Kraig Becker

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