Hybrid Electric Mountain Bike

Remember awhile back I posted a link to a review of a $13,000 mountain bike? Well, now I’ve found another one in that same price range, although this one has a couple of nice side benefits.

The OB1 from Optibike will also set you back 13,000 clams, but it comes equipped with an electric drive train that pushes the rear tire from the bottom bracket. The integrated lithium-ion batteries are able to power the motor for up to two hours between charges, although that time can be increased if, for instance, you decide to pedal as well.

The drive system isn’t the only high-tech component of the OB1. It’s got a carbon fiber frame, and comes equipped with a GPS system and integrated PDA for tracking the performance of the bike. Best of all, unlike most other electric bikes, it doesn’t look like something you’d be embarrassed to be seen on either.

The bike does weigh 57 pounds though, and while it’s design does seem ruggedized and off road capable, I’m not sure I’d want to take it on really tough mountain biking trails. The Optibike FAQ also says that you still get plenty of exercise riding this, it’s hard to pass up on good old fashioned pedal power though.

Thanks to Gizmodo for the link on this one.

Kraig Becker

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