The Last Desert Marathon Continues

The racers in The Last Desert ultramarathon are still running despite the trying conditions. In the latest update on the Last Desert webpage, it is reported that due to high winds and rough seas, the ship was unable to deliver the competitors to Deception Island, and is now making it’s way to Half-Moon Bay, where they hope to continue the race tomorrow.

Through fours stages, 33 year old Paul Liebenberg of South Africa holds the lead, followed by James Elson of the U.K. with Russian Evgeniy Gorkov holding down third. Dean Karnazes is currently in fifth place overall, and is expected to become the first person to finish all of the 4 Desert Marathons in one calendar year. Louise Cooper of the United States is the top rated female racer, currently in 8th place overall.

Through four stages all 27 competitors who started the race remain active. That’s a pretty remarkable stat when you consider the attrition rate in the other 4 Desert races. These are the best of the best when it comes to these events though, as you have to have successfully completed at least one other race in the series before you can do the Last Desert.

With any luck, they’ll wrap this up tomorrow. Weather permitting. I guess the adverse conditions in Antarctica are interfering with everyone’s plans so far this year.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Lets be careful with photo copyright issues here: the picture at this post is from a different running race in Antarctica, Ice Marathon, held at Patriot Hills. Different race, different organizers, some history between them. There are huge sensitivities on both sides, The Last Desert and Ice Marathon.

    How do I know? I ran both.

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