Lonely Planet’s Top 20 Big Trips

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Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet recently published a book entitled The Big Trip, which it purports to be the “ultimate guide” for overseas adventures. To celebrate, the Times Online has posted an article on LP’s Top 20 Big Trips.

While no definition of “big trip” is offered, the choices on the list were hand picked by Lonely Planet authors, and have a wide range of activities and experiences. For example, climbing Kilimanjaro makes the list, offering travelers an opportunity to see the fabled snows of Kilimanjaro and taking in the sweeping views of Africa below. A pilgrimage to the Taj Mahal gets a nod for it’s splendor, while hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge in China earns it’s way on the list for it’s remote villages in the shadow of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

All told, the 20 “big trips” offer up something to do in nearly every corner of the globe, for both the active and laid back traveler. Some of these journeys could be accomplished on a busy weekend, while others could take weeks or even months to complete. The bad thing about these lists for me, is that they tend to make my “must-do” list that much longer. Great! Now it looks like I’ll be buying a motorcycle and Che Guevara’s path through South America!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Lonely Planet’s Top 20 Big Trips”

  1. Lonely Planet is good, but it’s always far better to stick to others guidebooks or even better, locals.
    Nearly every place that is mentioned in LP in usually packed with tourists 🙂 .

  2. I agree Marin. LP has become the guide of choice for a lot of travelers and it shows sometimes. Personally, if I have to use a guide book, I like Rough Guides better, but best of all is to use the Internet before you go and ask the locals. They know better than anyone else where the little hidden gems are.

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