More News On the Ushuaia

The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators has issued another update on the MV Ushuaia, the cruise ship that ran aground last Thursday off the coast of Antarctica. Executive Director of the IAATO Steve Wellmeier had the following to say:

We are pleased to report that the MV Ushuaia is enroute under her own power to Half Moon Island in the South Shetlands. There, she will await further instructions regarding the Drake Passage crossing, which will take her back to the South America continent for repairs.

You can read a full press release, and ongoing updates of the situation, by clicking here. The press release notes that Ushuaia and the tug escorting it, both made their way into Leith Cove where divers were hoping to inspect it, but due to the amount of ice in the water, the ships then elected to move on to Presidente Gonzalez Videla Station, in Chile for further inspection.

At this point, it seems that ship is doing well and that the damage both to it, and the environment, has been minimal. Good news on all fronts.

Kraig Becker

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