New Record Kayak Drop

This one is a couple of weeks old, but it’s the first I’ve seen it.

Seems like there is a new record holder in the quest to make the biggest drop over a waterfall. In later November, Paul Gamache went over Cascade Falls in British Columbia, for a stunning 108’2″ drop into the water below. That’s the official number anyway, although in this story over at Canoe & Kayak Magazine, Paul says that a survey team actually measured the drop at 112 feet. What’s four more feet amongst friends right?

In the interview, Paul talks about the scouting the falls ahead of time and deciding to go for it, even though he had no idea it was a record at the time. He also said that the craziest part was having to be belayed 40 feet in his boat into a pool above the falls before going over it. After he was all finished, he and his friends convinced an engineer from a geo-tech firm to make an official measurement for him.

The record may not stand long however, as Paul notes that there is a team in Chile at the moment looking to make a 130 foot drop there. Am I the only one who thinks these guys are a bit nuts??

Kraig Becker

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