Shopping In Antarctica?

port lockroy
Yesterday’s dispatch from Jon Bowermaster was quite an interesting read. Jon is back in Antarctica for the next two months and is making regular blog posts that you can read here.

It seems that Jon and his crew have stopped by Pt. Lockroy, a small island in the Antarctic Peninsula region, that has the distinction of being home to the premiere gift shop on the entire continent. The little shop/museum gives visitors, of which there are an increasing number, a glimpse at what life was like 50 years ago in the region, while also offering up plenty of books, t-shirts, post cards, and stuffed penguins. The tiny store is proof that capitalism can flourish anywhere!

Jon also notes that the team spied the Ushuaia moving southward yesterday with it’s escort from the Chilean Navy on it’s way to Half Moon Island as we found out earlier today. He also weighs in on the recent news of Bear Grylls suffering an accident while climbing in the Antarctic.

Kraig Becker

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