Simone and Denis To Attempt Makalu In Winter!

We already heard about the winter attempt on Broad Peak by the Polish team a few weeks back, but it seems they won’t be the only ones making a winter bid on an 8000 meter peak. Explorer’s Web has all the details on Simone Moro and Denis Urubko’s upcoming winter attempt on Makalu as well.

Simone and Denis have climbed together on a number of occasions in the past, and they’ve joined forces once again to go after the last 8000m peak in the himalaya that remains unclimbed in winter. Neither of these men are strangers to climbing in winter, and Simone has gone on record as saying that he prefers it because it’s often just he and his climbing partner, alone on the mountain. Back in January, Simone, along with Piotr Morawski , knocked off Shisha Pangma.

It’s been three years since anyone has attempted a climb on Makalu in winter. Simone and Denis will head for Nepal in a few weeks, right around Christmas time, and will decide on their route after surveying the mountain. Right now they are favoring the Kukuczka route, but weather conditions will dictate the best approach. They intend to climb light and fast, alpine style, without the aid of Sherpas. They’ll also be sending back daily updates to their website, along with HD video as well.

In addition to this climb and the Broad Peak expedition, there is also word of another Polish attempt on Nanga Parbat. Look for more news on that in the future, as it looks like the Poles are going to try to knock off the first Karakorum 8000m peak this winter if they can.

Kraig Becker

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