Winter Splendor In America’s National Parks

Winter is officially still a few weeks off, but that doesn’t mean we cant look ahead at what we can expect in the way of stunning scenery in some of the best national parks in the United States. That’s exactly what Forbes Traveler has done with their latest slideshow, giving us a peek at the winter wonderland ahead.

Some of the places spotlighted include Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, which features it’s fabled hot springs, miles of backcountry for skiing, and of course, Old Faithful.

One doesn’t typically equate winter with Arizona, but both the Grand Canyon and Canyon De Chelly National Monument appear on the list. De Chelly is noted for it’s remote terrain that is mostly inaccessible without a ranger, while the Grand Canyon is lauded for 2+ hour “Polar Express” train ride that gives a unique perspective on the iconic location.

Of course there are others as well, like Yosemite that offer up plenty of cold weather adventure and stunning vistas to explore. This is proof that winter doesn’t mean you should hibernate until spring. The photos are a remind that I need to keep honing my photography skills.

Kraig Becker

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  1. LOL! I did say officially a few weeks off. I know some places are “blessed” with a longer winter than others. 😉

    Break out the skis and snowshoes, and it’ll help the time go by more quickly. 🙂

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