Alan Arnette Interviews David Tait

Continuing his already great coverage on the impending Everest season, Alan Arnette has once again updated his Everest 2009 page with a brief, but informative, interview with David Tait, who has announced his return to Everest to climb the South Side with Himex once again.

Back in 2007, Tait set off to make a double-traverse on Everest. His intention was to climb on the North Side, descend on the South, then rest up, and make the return trip. He completed the first leg of that traverse successfully, but elected to not go for the second part of the traverse. He’s now returning to Everest once again to scale the Nepali side, this time without oxygen, so that he can “tick all the boxes” as he says.

David is climbing to raise money for NSPCC, a charity he founded to put an end to child abuse. His previous climbs on Everest were for the same charity, and he feels the lure to return once again, saying that while he’s in London he wants to be on Everest, and when he’s on Everest, he can’t wait to return home.

The interview also seems to confirm that the Discovery Channel will indeed by filming another season of Everest: Beyond The Limit, as David talks about working with that crew and having them with him on the mountain once again.

Great stuff Alan. Your coverage is off to a superb start already this year.

Kraig Becker

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