Antarctic Condition 1 Weather

Want to know what the weather is really like down in Antarctica? Then check out this video that a found on Gadling earlier today. It starts on the inside of one of the research stations down there, and then moves to an entryway that acts as a buffer from the outside world, where “Condition 1” conditions are in effect. Under those conditions, the wind is in excess of more than 50 mph and temperatures are in the -75 to -100 degrees F.

While in that entryway you’ll see that the room is frozen over and that snow is everywhere, and when the door is opened, you get a very brief, but all too telling, glimpse of what it’s like outside. Gives me the shivers just watching it!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Antarctic Condition 1 Weather”

  1. Thanks for the perspective!
    After watching this, our 2 feet of snow and 30 below windchills don’t seem so bad;)

  2. That’s absolutely (and literally) mind-blowing! o_O
    Whoever said that -25 degrees C and a heavy snowfall which makes car batteries dead and all traffic stop is a nightmare, should watch this ;oD

  3. Yep! The video puts a lot of things in perspective. I want to wrap up in a blanket every time I watch it. 🙂

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