Antarctic Update: Expeditions Ending

More news from the South Pole today as more Antarctic expeditions come to an end.

First up, there is an update from Thomas Davenport that indicates his “End-2-End” expedition is now complete, as he and his guide Sarah McNair-Landry are back at Patriot Hills after skiing to the Pole and kiting back again. Overall it took them 70 days to cover the 1500 mile round trip, but it didn’t quite end the way they wanted it to. They kited back from the Pole in roughly 12 days time, but lost the wind just a mile from camp, and had to break out their cross country gear for one last pull into Patriot HIlls. He and Sarah are waiting for pick-up by ALE this morning.

The South Pole had a very special visitor in the past few days as Monaco’s Prince Albert II dropped by. The AP article says that he arrived with Mike Horn, but the latest updates from his site indicated that he didn’t expect to arrive at the Pole until sometime today. The 50-year old Prince is expected to visit a number of Antarctic bases while on the frozen continent.

Also expected to arrive today is the Shackleton Centenary “97-Mile” Team. In their last dispatch they had roughly 9.2 nautical miles to go today and should arrive sometime this afternoon. The team is made up of Tim Fright, David Cornell, and Andrew Ledger and they are making their way to the Pole from the exact location Shackleton turned back from 100 years ago. The rest of the team, the “Ice Team” have already arrived at the Pole and are expected back in Patriot Hills shortly.

Update: As expected, the Shackleton 97 Mile Team has reached the Pole! You can read all about it right here. Congrats guys! 🙂

Kraig Becker

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