Antarctic Update: Shackleton Team Reach “Furthest South” Point!

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Down in Antarctica the milestones keep coming for the teams still chugging away out on the ice. Earlier today, the Shackleton Centenary Team reached the Nimrod Expedition’s “furthest point south”, which is the place where Earnest Shackleton and his crew turned back exactly 100 years ago today. Unlike their namesake however, this team is now cleared to go full steam ahead to the South Pole. They are now just 97 miles from that goal, and have been joined by the rest of their team, including Andrew Ledger, the lucky bloke who was selected from a pool of online applicants to become part of the team. Now they’ll all go on to the finish line together, and finish off some “unfinished family business”.

The South Pole Quest Team completed their trek a few days back, and in record time. Sticking to that speedy reputation, they’ve already been airlifted from the Pole and were back in Patriot Hills yesterday. By now, they’re probably off the continent all together and heading home to Canada.

Thomas Davenport is on his way back to Patriot HIlls as well, albeit in a completely different manner. He started kiting back to the coast yesterday, and was making good time before having to stop for an incoming Hercules cargo plane that was landing in the area to drop off cargo. The team got back underway later in the day however, and should be well be making the return trip even as I write this. is reporting that Chus Lago became the first Spanish woman to the South Pole, arriving at her destination yesterday. Chus set out solo and unsupported, but ended up running out of food along the way, and had to call in a supply drop. Resupplied and refueled, she completed her quest and reached the Pole safely. Congrats Chus!

That’s all for now! The ranks of the explorers still out on the ice are thinning rapidly. We won’t have too many more of these updates soon.

Kraig Becker