Baffin Babes Prepare for Arctic Adventure!

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The Baffin Babes are a team of four women who will be setting out on an 80 day ski expedition through Baffin Island beginning in March. The plan is to ski over 1400km (870 miles) as they survey the impact of climate change on the fragile environments on the island, while visiting three remote Inuit villages along the way.

The team consists of Vera and Emma Simonsson of Sweden and Ingebjoerg Tollefsen, and Kristin Folsland Olsen of Norway. The ladies are all experienced outdoor athletes with a lot of drive and ambition, and they’ve each been preparing for this journey for months. You can check out their complete profiles by clicking here.

The girls have also set up a blog to post dispatches on their big adventure. There are plenty of posts already regarding their training, gear, preparation, and so on, and hopefully we’ll get regular updates from the once the expedition is underway. They’ve also created an expedition page with more information on their plans as well, as they intend to break the journey down into several stages as they make their way across Baffin Island.

The Baffin Babes are also still looking for supporters, and if you would like to help their cause you’ll receive a personally autographed Baffin Babes card like the one pictured with this post. To contribute simply send an e-mail to

Thanks to Belgian Adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke for sending this story my way. Louis-Philippe is planning his own adventure for this spring in the Himalaya with his Project: Chocolate Sherpa expedition. You can read about it here.

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7 thoughts on “Baffin Babes Prepare for Arctic Adventure!”

  1. I wrote about them two days ago on our blog, and Kristin told me that Baffin Babes are on Facebook now. they are really great ’cause they are not just babes, they are baffin babes ;).

  2. Should be a fun to follow, but Baffin Island has become quite popular with adventurers the past few years. Will Steger took a team there a couple of times and last year Ed Viesturs went as well.

    Of course, I’d rather go with the “Babes”! 🙂

  3. the girls are hot, would like to dress up as a 5th girl just to join them. Hey come on 2 swedish and 2 norwegian babes !

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