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I stumbled across this story while checking out Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line Blog, where they posted about Leslie and Chris Kehmeier who recently completed a 14-month bicycle journey around the world as an effort to promote cycling as an alternative method of transportation, while also sharing geographic knowledge, while exploring the globe.

Leslie and Chris call their expedition Bicycle Geography, and over the course of their journey they blogged and podcasted their adventures across ten time zones, weaving across the equator, and experiencing some of the worst weather extremes you can imagine.

You can check out more information on their ride on their website, including details on their route, their thoughts on the importance of geography, their personal biographies, and more, including photos from their adventures abroad.

All of the information is interesting, although some of it is a bit out of date and seems to go back to before they started this epic ride. But the best parts are reading their blogs, and listening to their podcasts, where you some interesting perspectives on the places they visited, what it’s like to be on the road for so long. The finished up about a month ago, and it’s also interesting to read their return to normal life and being at home once again.

I’m a bit late to finding out about this story, and it would have been great to have read and listened to them as they were actually on the journey. Still, it’s definitely worth checking out, and I’ll have to keep my eyes on their site to see what Leslie and Chris have planned for their next adventure.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Bicycle Geography – Cycling Around The World”

  1. thanks for sharing infoS. after reading your blog and their blog, Gorida can get a widget for 1 world 2 wheels. we are namely planning to bike across Norway in May 2009.

  2. Thanks for sharing our adventure with others! It was a wonderful journey and it was fun to share the daily life on the road.
    We’re in the process of writing a book (based on our blogs and pictures) and hoing to put together another adventure. Stay Tuned…

    Leslie and Chris Kehmeier

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