Biggest Ski Drop In History An Accident

Norwegian Fred Syversen was filming a new ski movie last year in which he was zipping down the mountain through some of the purest, untouched snow you’ll ever see. He was suppose to make a dramatic, big drop at the end, with the film rolling to catch it all. Well, he made that big drop, but it ended up being even bigger than he expected.

In the process of slaloming down the mountain, Fred went off-line and ended up going over the wrong cliff. The result was a 107 meter (Yes, METER!) drop (that’s 351 feet!) that set a new world record and buried poor Fred 10 feet in the snow.

The video has now been examined, and the length of the drop has been confirmed, breaking the old record by more than 100 feet. It is believed that Fred was traveling at nearly 50 mph when he hit the snow, but he still came away with only minor injuries. He did have to be dug out by his support crew though.

Check out the video below to see what transpired, then head over to to get the full report.

Thanks to The Goat Blog over at for this one. Great stuff.


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  1. Yeah, that was one crazy drop. The fact that he was ten feet under the snow afterwards says a lot about how far and fast he was falling.

    Gorida: Yeah, I read on a couple of other sites that Arne had passed. Sad to see him go, but he lived a very full life. 🙂

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