Everest 2009: Double Traverse Announced!

Alan Arnette continues to break all of the great news regarding the impending Everest 2009 season. Today he has updated his Everest 2009 page with the news that a climber is about to attempt the double traverse of the mountain once again.

Back in 2007 David Tait was set to become the first person to achieve the “Double Traverse”, which entails a climber going up one side of the mountain, reaching the summit, then going down the other side. The climber would then rest and recuperate before turning around, heading back up the mountain, and descending down the other side once again, returning to where they originally started.

This year, two-time Everest summitteer David Liaño will be giving the double traverse a go. David will climb from the South Side, then descend and rest on the North, before going back over the hill, returning to Nepal, and the South Side, once again.

In 2008, the young man summitted both Everest and Lhotse within five days of one another, which demonstrates the kind of stamina and dedication he has, and will need, when going for this epic climbing achievement. Of course, the only way he’ll even get a crack at it is if the Chinese open up their side of the mountain. David seems confident that will happen.

After reading the interview that Alan has conducted with David, be sure to scroll down his page for plenty of other great information and stories. He also has a brief interview with climber Eugène Constant, who is climbing for Alzheimer’s research.

You’ll also find a story that says the major Everest guide services are booked up for this spring, demonstrating that despite the economy, business on Everest is still brisk. Further down the page you’ll also find a list of the prices for climbing permits this year during the various seasons. It helps to give some idea of why these expeditions cost so much.

Great work as always Alan!

Kraig Becker

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