Five Great Ski Huts In The Sierra Nevada

Now that winter is officially here, and the holidays are behind us, it’s time to think about ways to enjoy the cold weather and get out in the snow and play. With the proper gear and clothing, there is plenty of fun adventures to be had in the snowy months.

To that end, The Adventure Sports Journal has a nice article up on five of the best backcountry ski huts in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The article offers up some great basic information on the huts, such as how to get there, what to expect when you do, and how much you will have to pay. For instance, the Peter Grubb Hut has been in use since the 1930’s and offers access to great skiing without having to spend hours getting to the location. It also costs a mere $15 per night, but sleeps just 15 occupants and is often crowded during the winter months.

in contrast, the Benson Hut requires more of a trek to get to it, but offers amazing views (from the outhouse no less!) and is also just $15 per night. This hut sleeps just 12 people, and is located in an area that is more prone to avalanches, but that aside, you’ll find top notch skiing, and less traffic at this more out of the way location.

The other suggestions are equally tempting, and for anyone looking for a winter adventure, now is the time to go. Nothing like skiing into a remote location with a few friends, sharing stories around the fireplace in the evening and skiing the backcountry slopes during the day.

Kraig Becker

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