Jon Bowermaster Heads To South Georgia Island

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Jon Bowermaster continues his survey of the Antarctic and other points of interest from way down south. He has now left Antarctica behind, having departed from Elephant Island a few days back, and has arrived at South Georgia Island, a remote, and mostly inhospitable place off the extreme tip of South America.

Having spent more than a month in the region, Jon continues to find striking evidence of the impact of global climate change on a continent he has been visiting for nearly 20 years. His latest dispatches have all the details of his most recent expedition, including some stunning photos that capture the wildlife as well as the stark beauty of the frozen continent.

Today’s post details his arrival to South Georgia, where he found beaches covered in seals of all kinds, including elephant, Weddell, and fur seals. It is the largest display of it’s kind that Jon has ever seen, but a companion informs that it is much worse earlier in the breeding season, when all the big males are hanging out as well.

Jon’s blog is always such a joy to read. He does an excellent job of mixing compelling stories, interesting history, and fun anecdotes in a way that is very informative and entertaining at the same time. Mix in those amazing photos, and it’s worth a daily trip by his site just to see what he’s talking about today. The updates vary. Sometimes they are about the day’s adventures, sometimes they’re about Antarctic history, and sometimes they are a philosophical look at what we are doing to the fragile environment there. Best of all, they are always a good read.

Kraig Becker

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