Lance’s New Bike!

Lance Armstrong’s return to competitive cycling begins next Sunday at the Tour Down Under in Adelaide, Australia. The event will likely see the most coverage it has ever had, as the 7-time Tour de France winner gets back on his bike for the first time in three and a half years.

I’ve been following Lance’s twitter feed since I first signed up for the service a month or so back (my feed can be found here) and it’s been kind of fun read his tweets over the past few weeks. He’s been in Hawaii training for the race, and left there a few days back, and is now in Australia, and making final preparations. This morning he posted a few pictures of his new bike that he’ll be riding next week, and it’s a beauty.

Emblazoned with the Live Strong logo, this thing looks like it’s going about 30 miles per hour just leaning up against the wall. It’s a great looking bike and Lance is hoping it’ll carry him to victory, but more importantly help him spread the word about cancer research on a global scale.

Good luck next week Lance! It’ll good to see you back in the saddle.


Kraig Becker

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