Man vs. Wild Returns On Monday!

With Les Stroud, and his Survivorman television show, exiting stage left recently, we’ve had a bit of a void in our outdoor adventure reality television shows. But fear not, as Bear Grylls returns to Discovery Channel next Monday with all new episodes of Man vs. Wild.

The show shifts to Mondays at 10 PM Eastern/9 Central for the first time, and kicks things off with an episode set in the remote jungles of Belize. Future episodes will have Bear tackling the wilds of Transylvania, Turkey, the Yukon Peninsula, and the Badlands of Oregon. And if that wasn’t tough enough, later he’ll head to the Dominican Republic during the height of the hurricane season.

For a sneak preview of what to expect from these new episodes, check out the video below of Bear doing his best Tarzan imitation. It’s pretty crazy stuff, and about what we’ve come to expect from the man. And if you’re a fan of Man vs. Wild you’ll definitely want to tune in for these new episodes. With Bear recently injuring himself in the Antarctic, he may be facing a lengthy rehab that could keep him out of action for awhile. From what I hear, he crushed his shoulder and did extensive amounts of damage that could take some time to recover from. Get well soon Bear!

Kraig Becker

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