The Rest of Everest Episode 95: Beyond Everest

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The Rest of Everest kicks of a whole new era with the episode released earlier today, as the show returns to it’s mountaineering roots, shifting it’s focus away from Everest and toward Annapurna IV, a 24,688 foot mountain located in western Nepal.

The show reunites podcast creator Jon Miller with climber Ben Clark, who were together on Everest back in 2004 on the expedition that was the genesis of the podcast to begin with. Jon and Ben are joined by Josh Butson, who along with Ben and a third climber named Tim Clarke, attempted to climb Annapurna IV last year.

In this first episode, we see the climbers’ approach to the remote mountain, with video footage starting in the Hong Kong airport, than quickly switching to scenes in Nepal, a country that has become very familiar to fans of the show that have seen all the episodes. There are some great shots from the countryside that catch the culture of the region quite nicely.

At one point in the video you also see workers building a new road through the Annapurna area. This road is changing the face of the region, and altering one of the greatest treks in the world forever. Ben mentions that if you want to do the Annapurna Circuit, you should do it soon, as it will be a different experience from here forward. This is something I wrote about recently over at Gadling as well.

You can download the first episode in the Annapurna IV series directly by clicking here or you can find it iTunes by clicking here.

It’s great to have my favorite podcast back! Thanks Jon! 🙂

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “The Rest of Everest Episode 95: Beyond Everest”

  1. Thanks Kraig.

    I read your article over at Gadling as well and completely agree.

    It is difficult to fault Nepal for building the road, but we are all still able to have opinions and my opinion is that it is a shame. I have that opinion not because the road will spoil many adventures for Westerners–that would be incredibly obtuse and insensitive–but you’ll see footage from an interview in next week’s episode that may make your blood boil.

    It was eluded to in this week’s episode by Josh. Apparently the road needed a certain amount of right-of-way as it passed through the terrain. According to the hotel owner interviewed, if any of your land or even buildings were located on what was to become that right-of-way…they became part of the road. And with no compensation.

    The hotel owner says that he must remove a good portion of his hotel, literally tear it down. And here’s the real kicker: he must do the construction work at his own expense.

    Now, I’m no expert and my information may be incorrect, but it is right from a local in the region.

    Let’s just hope that the new and different opportunities that the road is bringing to the region will offset what is being lost.

    I guess only time will tell.


  2. I was appalled when Josh made that comment in this video about building/home owners having to remove their buildings at their own expense or be charged for it. But then again, I know that not everywhere is like the U.S. where they at least try to compensate you for your loss.

    I’m almost afraid to see what the are going to do to the area over the long run. It’s a shame that one of the great treks of the world is going to be changed so dramatically. I just hope it’s worth it for all people living in the region.

    Great start to the new episodes Jon. Can’t wait for next week! 🙂

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