Rock Climbing Venezuela

PlantFear is back once again with a cool article, and some amazing images, that highlight rock climbing in Venezuela.

The South American country has a wide range of landscapes that include the Andes Mountains, the Sierra Nevadas, the Gran Sabana, coastal highlands, and more. It’s also home to the World’s tallest waterfall, so it seems only natural that it would offer some amazing opportunities to go rock climbing. The author of this story, Anne Arran, spotlights some of the best places to climb, and also touches on the difficulties of reaching the Venezuelan big walls. Many of the best locations require a jungle trek, complete with river fordings, wild animals, and more.

One of the more challenging climbs is that of Angel Falls itself, which at 979 meters (3211 feet) is the tallest “free-drop” waterfall in the world. It was first climbed back in 1971 by a team of four, and required more than nine days to reach the top. For a completely different experience, give the 700-meter (2296 feet) rock tower Cerro Autana a go or Amuri Tepui, which has been called one of the toughest big walls on the planet.

You’ll find out about these and more in this article, which is worth it just for the pictures alone. Good stuff.

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