Sharks and Kayaks: A Scary Mix!

Check out this video that I saw earlier over at It was recently shot by a fisherman off the coast of Australia who watched a couple of kayakers have a scary encounter with a great white shark. The TV commentator says the shark is 5 meters (16+ feet) in length, which would be frightening enough, but at one point, one of them is knocked out of his boat. Yikes!!

Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “Sharks and Kayaks: A Scary Mix!”

  1. Holy crap. I can’t think of anything scarier. “Sharks” don’t scare me, but great whites sure do.

    Why didn’t the kayakers get into the fishing boat? Why did they remain in their kayaks? That makes zero sense to me.

  2. Yeah. They did seem rather dense, I mean sure you can be scared stiff, but self-preservation seems like a no-brainer to me.

  3. Good question! I guess they figured that once the kayaks and fishing boat were together, it was large and stable enough to not be an issue any more.

    I can assure you were I knocked out of my kayak by a shark like that, I would probably have to change my underwear afterwards. Scary!

  4. We weren’t there, no one would have a reasonable idea to stay in a kayak with a great white around. If they stayed, might have been a reason for it.
    Sharks a not known to attack humans, they even dislike their flesh. When a shark takes a bite or more off a human, well it’s bad luck, they usually think the human is something else (a surfer paddling with his hands in the water on his board looks like a turtle with a white belly).

    Great whites are of course dangerous as they’re big. More dangerous is the bull shark and the tiger shark. This one really likes to bite.

    But it’s also thinkable that sometimes a shark becomes a little bit crazy or completely confused by i dunno what (possibly after eating human toxic waste that damages the brain). In the human population we also have our nuts into special institutions, and even sick serial killers. I guess it’s the same with other animals, some of ’em turn bad.

    I’ve seen and approached many sharks (up to 5m for hammerheads) and fishes, and the few times i got bitten or treatened was by a clown fish (a nemo one) or tiny ones!

    There are also many divers who dive with great whites without a cage. Just be slow and careful.

    Throwing meat to exite a shark is a bit like a naked woman between drunk guys. What do you think that’ll happen ?

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