A Unique Sailing Adventure Opportunity

This one is for those that love the open waters and high seas. It seems that Canadian Derek Hatfield was recently competing in the Vendee Globe 2008, an around the world race that pits solo skippers against one another with no stopovers along the way. The race was going well for Derek, but on the 28th of December his ship, IMOCA 60 Algimouss Spirit of Canada, was hit by a large breaking wave that rolled his ship, breaking two of the masts, and forcing Derek to retire from the event.

Now, he’s docked in Hobart, Tasmania, undergoing repairs, and preparing to get back underway in February. The ship now needs to be delivered to France where it can take part in the 2009 IMOCA racing season, which brings us to the unique opportunity now open to sailors everywhere.

Derek and the Spirit of Canada crew are now auctioning off sailing positions for the delivery run back to France. This would give experienced sailors an opportunity to sail the famed Southern Seas and round the legendary Cape Horn, before sailing north, across the equator and back to Europe. Interested parties can sail the entire journey or elect to be dropped off at a number of ports along the way.

You can find out more by clicking here or contact Derek directly at: derek@spiritofcanada.net.

I’m not a sailor myself, but would love to be on a sailing ship rounding the Horn like great explorers of old. Sounds amazing! Major thanks to David Leach for sending this my way.

Kraig Becker

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