2009 Patagonia Expedition Adventure Race is Underway!

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The 2009 edition of the Patagonia Expedition Adventure Race, now sponsored by Wenger, got underway this morning with nine coed teams of four setting off on a 600km (372 mile) course that will see them passing through wetlands, thick forests, mountain passes, and glacial valleys in the 7th edition of this epic race.

As is traditional in adventure racing, the teams will tackle the terrain on foot and mountain bike, and will paddle their way through fjords and even out onto the sea to weave their way through islands. They’ll also have to contend with notoriously unpredictable Patagonian weather, all the while navigating to checkpoints and trying to stay in front of the other teams.

With the race now underway, you can track the teams live out on the course and you will find the latest news from the event as well. I always love reading the mandatory gear lists too, as they give you a sense of what the teams are carrying with them on various legs of the race.

The race is expected to last until the 19th of the month. Good luck to all the teams. Race safe and enjoy the scenery!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “2009 Patagonia Expedition Adventure Race is Underway!”

  1. Oh yeah! Great place to hold a race. Nearly at the end of the world, and some of the most amazing scenery anywhere on the planet.

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