2009 Patagonia Expedition Adventure Race: Helly Hansen Wins!

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After six days of intense racing, through some of the most beautiful and physically demanding terrain on the planet, Helly Hansen-Prunesco has won the 2009 Patagonia Expedition Adventure Race.

The team actually led the race wire to wire, starting off with a strong opening leg in the kayaks that put them out in front and propelled them to victory, crossing the finish line on Monday night. Helly Hansen, from the U.K., were actually pushed hard near the end by Team Buff of Spain, who eventually had to withdraw from the event due to injury. Defending champs Team Easy Implant of France were expected to take second place, while teams Calleva of the U.S. and Spirit Canada, of well, Canada, were battling it out for third. Those teams may have crossed the finish line by now, but no word has been posted yet. The Canadians managed to lose their SPOT tracking device, so it was also difficult to track their progress.

The teams faced harsh weather throughout the race, with high winds, heavy rain, cool temperatures, and even hail appearing at various times. The Patagonian weather is legendary for its extreme conditions and unpredictability, and it’s one of the elements that makes this a fun and exciting race to follow.

Congrats to Helly Hansen-Prunesco for the big win. Now keep the momentum rolling by coming to Primal Quest in August!

Kraig Becker

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