The African Revolutions Tour: Kayaking Africa

Last year a crew of kayakers went to Africa to kayak through 13 countries, mostly in the southern β€œcone” of the continent, as well as Madagascar. There hope was to raise awareness of alternative energy source in order to avoid the destruction of our natural resources such as rain forests.

They teamed up with the Sun Catcher Project, hoping to promote the use of solar energy, and went off four four amazing months of paddling bliss.

The team ended up calling their little project The African Revolutions Tour. They caught much of their journey on video and are putting together a movie of the experience, and I came across this great looking trailer over at Canoe & Kayak earlier today. Looks like Africa has some amazing paddling, and if the Class V won’t get you, the hippos or gators probably will! πŸ™‚

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Kraig Becker

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