Backpacker Gives Us the Best Hike in Each State

Backpacker Magazine has an interesting article up listing the best hike’s in each state as voted upon by their readers as part of the 2009 Reader’s Choice Awards, which also includes top reader submitted photos for 2009 as well as their thoughts on a host of other burning questions.

Of most interest to me were the selection of the best trails to hike in each of the 50 states, as I’m always looking for new places to go. Some of the selections have more detailed descriptions than others, and they all come with a link to an online map to show you where you’re going.

Some of the choices seem fairly obvious, such as slice of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut or the Pacific Crest Trail in California, both of which are considered classic American trails. Others might come as a bit of a surprise, or may even be a hidden gem that you hadn’t heard of or thought of before. For instance, the top trail back in Iowa, my old stomping grounds, is the Winnebago River trail, which I find hard to believe considering it’s essentially an urban trail. I can think of several that I’d rank higher. It’s hard to argue with the top pick in Texas (my current stomping grounds), as it’s a scenic, and challenging, 11-mile loop in Big Bend National Park.

Of course, lists like these are based solely on readers opinions, and if not many vote, than trails can get overlooked. If nothing else though, it’s a nice resource to find new trails to explore, and that’s always a good thing. For more great trail options, check out the extensive database over at, where you’ll discover treks from around the world.

Kraig Becker

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