The Best Treks in Africa

While perusing the Best Hike Blog earlier I came across this link to‘s list of the Best Treks in Africa. The list is actually quite well done, with hikes all over the continent ranging in length and difficulty, and offering a little something for everyone, and included with each trek is a link to guide services that offer service on each of the hikes, so when you feel inspired, you can easily find someone to take you on that dream trip.

Tops on the list is, of course, Kilimanjaro, which is one of the most popular trekking destinations not only in Africa, but the world. But there are plenty of alternatives for those that have either done Kili or are looking to go elsewhere. Mt Kenya, Africa’s second highest peak, makes is a good choice, and there is plenty to see and do in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The Drakensberg in South Africa is also a popular trek, but there are also suggestions in Uganda, Cameroon, Malawi and more.

These top treks will certainly inspire you to want to head out and explore the various regions, and they help to highlight the amazing diversity that can be found in Africa’s landscapes. For instance, the area is mostly flat around Kilimanjaro, and the volcano sticks out like a sore thumb, with only it’s sister peaks, Shira and Meru, to define the skyline. But further north, the Atlas Mountains are a more traditional mountain chain, stretching across Morocco. I also have it on very good authority that the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia are excellent for trekking as well.

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And for Best Hike’s recommendations for the best treks in Africa, click here.

Kraig Becker

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