Climbing Everest: Animated Video Shows the Way

Alan Arnette continues to update his Everest 2009 page with some great content leading up to the season getting underway in April.

In addition to his usual news and “meet the climber” posts, Alan has given us a really great video today that shows us how a typical climb on Everest’s South Side would go through some simple, but effective, animation.

The post that accompanies the video also lists the typical amount of time that climbers will spend in certain locations on the mountain, such as the Hillary Step or the Yellow Band. Accompanying that time table is a rough itinerary for a climber starting with dates for leaving the U.S., arriving in BC, going for the summit, and then returning home. The trip typically takes in excess of two months to complete.

You can checkout Alan’s video by clicking here. It does a great job of illustrating how the climb traditionally goes, with teams moving up from Base Camp to C1, then returning, then up to C2, and back again, etc. When you see the animation on the map with the little “Zzzz”‘s that indicates that the team is spending the night in the camp as part of the acclimatization process.

Thanks for the video Alan. Such a great simple, yet perfect way, to demonstrate the process of climbing Everest, and most other big peaks.


3 thoughts on “Climbing Everest: Animated Video Shows the Way”

  1. Thanks Kraig,

    I thought this would a fun way of helping readers understand that Everest (or Broad peak or Cho Oyu, etc.) are not walk-ups.

    Hopefully this explains why these climbs take 6 weeks or more.

    Note that the Zzzzz get smaller as you get higher!

    Climb on!


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