Introducing The Adventure Life

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There is a great new website on the adventure scene that I wanted to let everyone know about. It’s called The Adventure Life and it’s already off to a great start with all kinds of nice content on a wide variety of topics.

The site has a nice clean look, it’s easy to navigate, and offers up quick links to news on the environment, adventurers, and travel. The front page also has handy access to a weather map of the United States so you know what to expect when you head out on your own adventures, and there are several live webcams that are fun to check out as well.

The site is the pet project of Steve Casimiro, who is an editor for National Geographic Adventure, and a frequent contributor to their Adventure Blog. Some of the content on The Adventure Life comes from his previous work with Nat Geo.

The site has become quite a hit in the past few days, with traffic swamping the servers and taking it offline at time, thanks to Apple featuring it in their Hot News section. One of the top articles on the Adventure Life right now is a review of the Top 25 Outdoor Applications for iPhone. The server issues seem to be sorted out now however, and the site is back up and running better than ever.

I expect I’ll be linking to the great content on The Adventure Life on a regular basis in the future. I like its broad content, and the writing is excellent with plenty of good stories already in place. Definitely swing by the site and add it to your favorites list.

Kraig Becker

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